Sunday Question: Do you want more stream events at the expense of other content? [Ergebnis] – News

Sunday Question: Do you want more stream events at the expense of other content?  - News


The editorial team also regularly organizes live streams. Tell us if you would like regular GG streams, even if some other major content cannot be realized in return.

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update with the result:
Combined, 22 percent of survey respondents support more regular GG streams in some form, even at the expense of different content. 38 percent of those taking part in the survey are satisfied with the current sporadic streams (or they don’t necessarily want more streams if some other potential content is no longer available), while 40 percent do not see themselves as a target group for streams.

I don’t care about twitch streams and the like 40%
Sporadic streams for events are enough for me 38%
I would like a fixed stream event per month and for that I also do without a large amount of content 13%
I want weekly stream events, but I wouldn’t do the podcasts for that 5%
I want two stream events per month, even if there are two fewer big pieces of content per month 2%
I would like it if GamersGlobal only streamed 2%

Original text:
The GamersGlobal editorial team streams on Twitch on appropriate occasions with active participation from you in the chat. Recently, at the Halloween event, there was horror that could be played three times (with creepy but also gruesome titles), the live annual reviews or a game night by Hagen and Jörg Dark Souls – The Board Game.

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In today’s Sunday question, we want to know from you how important GamersGlobal streams are to you in general. Are irregular topic streams enough for you? Or do you value regular live broadcasts – even if we lose time implementing regular streams, which we currently invest in interesting large-scale content such as tests? Let us know by filling out the poll below, and feel free to share your thoughts on this Sunday question in the comments.

You can vote for the Sunday question until Monday at 09:00 – if you change your mind, you can still log in another answer until then. We will then close the survey and present you with the resulting opinion a little later in the form of a news update. The link to the overview of the more than 300 Sunday questions can be found below under “Sources”.