Tests and Reviews – Is it Best PS5 Game?

God of War Ragnarok tests and reviews arrive at Metacritic

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Of: Joost Rademacher

God of War Rangarok is about to be released. We looked at the first tests of the game and clarify the question of whether it is the best PS5 game so far.

Santa Monica – Fans have had to wait for more than four long years, now God of War Ragnarök is within reach. It’s so tangible that the press has already grabbed the game and tested it extensively. Almost a week before the release, the embargo on the reviews of God of War Ragnarök has now expired, so the first tests are allowed to the public. The ratings are now pouring in on Metacritic and they promise nothing less than one of the best PS5 games to date.

Release (date of first publication) November 9, 2022
Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
series God of War
developer Santa Monica Studios
genre Action Adventure

God of War Ragnarök: Current tests and ratings at a glance

This is how good God of War Ragnarok is: When it comes to the latest video game reviews, the Metacritic and OpenCritic aggregate platforms tend to be the first things people look at. The websites collect reviews from numerous different websites and form a clear average value from their ratings. After the embargo was lifted, God of War Ragnarök received 73 reviews, giving it an incredible average of 95 points – on par with its predecessor.

  • Metacritics: 95 out of 100 (73 ratings)
  • OpenCritic: 94 out of 100 (80 ratings)
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What are the critics praising? The real question should be what the critics don’t have to praise. Many voices believe that God of War Ragnarök is better than its 2018 predecessor in practically every respect, even though the game already had a meta score of a whopping 94 points. Whether story, gameplay or technology, in every conceivable aspect the press rolls over with praise. But especially the new combat system and the emotional impact of the story about Kratos and Atreus has impressed many.

  • Not only does God of War Ragnarok deliver a chapter that reaches the heights of its predecessor, it makes it impossible to imagine the series without it-IGN, 10/10
  • Combat is where God of War Ragnarök really shines, with a crisply merged selection of weapons while expanding on the old formula in meaningful ways– The Independent, 5/5
  • Even the weakest [schauspielerische] Performance in God of War Ragnarök makes a typical video game performance pale in comparison– Game Informer, 9.5/10
  • God of War Ragnarök surpasses its predecessor in practically every respect–GamingBolt, 10/10
God of War Rangarok: Tests and Reviews Arrive – The PS5’s Best Game? © Sony Interactive Entertainment/Santa Monica Studio/Metacritic (montage)

There is criticism for this: Most God of War Ragnarok reviews really have very little to fault with the game. What little criticism there is for Kratos and Atreus are most of them a few minor technical weaknesses or the fact that Ragnarök is a bit under-innovated compared to its predecessor.

With criticism at such a high level, fans can look forward to November 8th when God of War Ragnarök will be released for PS4 and PS5. Those who have pre-ordered the game can also start the preload of God of War Ragnarök now so that there are no more download times in the way on the release day.

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