The Tablet PC (PCGH-Retro, November 07)

The Tablet PC (PCGH-Retro, November 07)

from Henner Schroeder
The tablet PC – that happened on November 7th. Every day, PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer.

…2002: With it, the two-decade era of PC operation using mouse and keyboard is slowly coming to an end: on November 7, 2002, Microsoft is presenting the tablet PC. The appropriate tablet PC edition of the Windows XP operating system is able to digitally process handwritten input directly on the display, making mouse and keyboard just as superfluous for many applications as ballpoint pen and notepad. However, pen-based PC control has not caught on across the board – mainly because tablet devices are significantly more expensive than notebooks. Even Microsoft’s constant efforts to help the platform make a breakthrough don’t change that; this applies to the later origami platform for tiny, pen-based UMPCs as well as to Windows Vista, which brings many improvements for pen control. The PC revolution does not materialize for the time being, mouse and keyboard continue to dominate – the tablet concept has not yet experienced a renaissance, even thanks to inexpensive netbooks with Windows 7 – apart from the classic PC segment, manufacturers such as Apple are recording sales figures in the millions with the Ipad and are helping the Breakthrough simple tablets. Years later, this has resulted in a rapidly growing market, in which Microsoft would like to advance again and, with Windows 8, is launching an operating system that is primarily optimized for mobile applications and touch controls.

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