The Witcher: Awesome cosplayer turns into hot Geralt

No more Henry Cavill in the Netflix series The Witcher?  Nicenstein.

When it comes to The Witcher cosplay, there is a clear preference for the ladies from the fantasy world: whether it’s the beautiful Yennefer, the fiery Triss or the sweet Ciri – fans just love the pretty ladies around witcher Geralt. On top of that, the latter is even more difficult to capture if you don’t have the necessary physics. And that brings us to Taryn. The well-trained cosplayer is an absolute machine and has already with one perfect cosplay to Zorro from One Piece. But now he has transformed into Geralt of Rivia, the monster slayer at the heart of The Witcher’s story, on behalf of CD Projekt. And you can already imagine that he looks phenomenal doing it.

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