Top RPG with co-op lets you play as a hero family – Just €7 on Steam

Top RPG with co-op lets you play as a hero family - Just €7 on Steam

The RPG Children of Morta is currently on sale on Steam and costs around €7. The game performs very well on both Steam and metacritic and is available on various platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

What is Children of Morta game? It’s an action RPG in which players take turns controlling a whole family of heroes to fight through dungeons and slay enemies.

It is a roguelite whose dungeons are generated procedurally – this means that the environment is built up during play using algorithms and therefore always looks different.

What is Children of Morta about? You play as the Bergson family and fight against the blight that is spreading across the land. The main characters achieve this by freeing three nature spirits and using their help to take down the game’s villain, Ou. He resides in the mountain called “Morta”.

The game deals with topics such as love, hope and longing, but also uncertainty and loss. At the heart of the game is the question: what sacrifices must we make to save those closest to us?

Here’s a trailer for Children of Morta:

Children of Morta – Final Trailer

This is what players can expect in Children of Morta

What is the gameplay like in Children of Morta? The game combines elements of an action-adventure RPG with rogue-lite and hack-n-slash.

When you level up, not only a game character, but the entire family becomes stronger. There is no permatod in Children of Morta and before you go into a dungeon you can choose who you want to play between the individual characters.

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Whenever you defeat opponents, you get skill points. You can use these in turn to make your characters even stronger.

Within the dungeons you will encounter different types of enemies, ranging from small animals to huge bosses. You also have to be careful of hidden traps, which you can also use in battle, as they also damage the enemy.

Our colleagues from the Gamestar tested Children of Morta and wrote a detailed review of the game.

Who are the family members in Children of Morta? You can choose between seven different family members, each with their own skills:

  • John is a warrior who fights with shield and sword
  • Linda is a ranged fighter who uses a bow
  • Kevin is a roguelike character and uses shadows and daggers
  • Lucy is a magician who uses fire and storms
  • Mark is a martial arts master who acts in melee combat
  • Joey is a berserker and uses a hammer to finish off enemies
  • Apan is a support and uses self-healing and crowd control.

How does co-op work in the game? You can play Children of Morta in online co-op with others. You can choose between the story mode and the so-called family trials mode. A local co-op mode is also available.

How are Children of Morta doing on metacritic? The game has its own rating on the metactritic website for each platform the game is available on. The meta score is 80 for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions and 82 for PC, which is very positive.

The user score across the platforms is between 8.2 and 8.4 and is therefore also very good (as of November 4th, 2022, via metacritic).

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On Steam, the game seems to score particularly well with its emotional story, which, along with the style, is often praised. The gameplay also convinces the players and many enjoy the dungeon system in Children of Morta.

How much is Children of Morta on Steam? There is currently a special offer, but it ends on November 9, 2022. Until then, you can get Children of Morta with a 70% discount. Instead of €21.99 you only pay €6.59. The game is currently available in a bundle with further additional content for €8.88 instead of €28.97 (as of November 4th, 2022, via Steam).

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