WoW: Celebrate the 18th birthday and get some cool loot

WoW: 17th Anniversary - Illidari Doomhawk

Updated November 06, 2022: WoW’s 18th birthday is coming up and you can get some rewards again. Unfortunately, there are no innovations compared to the previous year, which is why we have updated our guide for the anniversary from 2021 at this point. The good news: Although the pre-event for Dragonflight will start soon, you can still knock out the world bosses from the birthday event as usual.

For WoW’s 18th birthday:

  • The event lasts from November 6th to 27th, 2022.
  • You get an 18 percent XP buff that stacks with other XP buffs.
  • The world bosses of the event drop item level 272 loot.
  • You will again receive a birthday achievement if you log in during the anniversary.

Original message: Even if we still die new information about WoW patch 9.2 digest, there’s still a second helping in the form of the 17th anniversary party for World of Warcraft. It starts this year from today, November 15th. Until December 6th, special events, quests and gifts as well as an experience and reputation buff await you in Azeroth. On the official website the devs have already given a little preview of the party.

Between November 15th and December 6th, log in to unlock the WoW 17th Anniversary achievement, then head to your mailbox to pick up your Anniversary Gift Pack. The pack includes 200 Timewarped Badges, a Holiday Pack that grants you 17 percent more experience and reputation during the celebration, and an “Invitation from the Timewalkers” that allows you to start the quest “An Early Invitation” that takes you to Chromie in leads the Caverns of Time.

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The quest givers Historian Llore and Historian Ju’pa also have two daily quests available in the Caverns of Time that can be used to earn additional timewarped badges. You either answer questions about this World of Warcraft (buy now ) or defeat some familiar enemies. Collectors also have the opportunity to receive classic loot from these opponents.

Classic bosses party with you

17 years have already passed since the gates to Azeroth were opened and heroes of the Horde and the Alliance embarked on an adventure. To celebrate this momentous moment, we’re bringing some familiar enemies back to Azeroth – with slightly overhauled abilities. Players level 30 and above can join it every day Lord Kazzak (Blasted Lands (32/49)), Azuregos (Azshara (49/84)) and one of the four dragons of nightmare (Emariss – Duskwood (46/38) / Lethon – Hinterlands (63/27) / Taerar – Ashenvale (93/40) / Ysondre – Feralas (51/10)) to receive loot and Timewarped Badges.

You will also be able to do a little timewalking with the weekly quest Doomwalk requires action, to defeat the doomwalker and get timewarped badges. With a bit of luck, you’ll loot additional rewards like the toy Doomwalker Trophy Socket or the mount Illidari Doomhawk.

WoW: 17th Anniversary – Illidari Doomhawk

Source: wowhead

Equipment can also drop:

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WoW: 17th Anniversary - Akama's Edge

WoW: 17th Anniversary – Akama’s Edge

Source: Icy Veins

Return to Alterac Valley

In Korrak’s Revenge, a battleground inspired by the early days of Alterac Valley, you can overwhelm enemies, raze their strongholds, and collect tokens that can be used to summon powerful reinforcements.

Players who participate in Korrak’s Revenge and complete the Alterac Valley achievement can earn two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

Historian Ma’di’s offer

Historian Ma’di is offering the following goodies this year:

WoW: 17th Anniversary - Timeless mechanical dragonling

WoW: 17th Anniversary – Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Source: buffed