WoW: Wait, is Blizzard putting out feelers towards Henry Cavill as the Lich King?

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In the meantime, most WoW fans have long since given up on the idea that the Warcraft: The Beginning film could really get a sequel. But on the inside it looks very different. Whenever one of those responsible talks about it, all fans prick up their ears as if they had spontaneously become night elves.

That is likely to be the case again now. Because it’s no secret that the fans primarily want a story and a very special actor to go with it. With all the ones in WoW (buy now ) There is no story told that could inspire as much as the plot of Arthas Menethil, who went from prince to Lich King. And that role is firmly tied to one name: Henry Cavill. Since his first pictures as Geralt of Rivia, there have been countless photomontages showing him as the ruler of the scourge.