Amouranth is finally doing her own thing on Twitch and is more successful than ever

Amouranth is finally doing her own thing on Twitch and is more successful than ever

28-year-old Kaitlyn Siragusa is one of the most successful personalities on Twitch as Amouranth. On October 15, she explained in an emotional stream that her husband controls her and coerces her into streaming. Now she just wants to do what she wants – and in doing so she broke a personal record.

What milestone has Amouranth reached? Amouranth broke 6 million followers on Twitch, a new record for her channel. She is the second most followed woman on Twitch, behind Imane “Pokimane” Anys with 9.25 million followers. She ranks 22nd overall (via sullygnome).

Amouranth reached this milestone less than a month after she broke up with her husband. She accused him of emotionally abusing her and forcing her to stream.

After their emotional revelation, Amouranth announced that they no longer wanted to continue as before. Apparently that goes down well.

Amouranth seems to be having a lot of fun with Overwatch 2 at the moment.

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Amouranth breaks free from control and people love it

What is Amouranth doing differently now? Not much according to some viewers. Finally, Amouranth still shows up in skimpy outfits on the stream, licks microphones in ASMR videos on YouTube and posts revealing pictures on Twitter.

However, there are some fundamental changes:

  • Amouranth streams significantly less: In October 2022, Amouranth was on the air for 231 hours. While that’s still a lot, she was still on her usual schedule up until mid-month. Compared to the previous months, it was on average 100 hours less (via sullygnome).
  • Shorter streams: For a long time, Amouranth was live on Twitch almost every day for up to 14 hours at a time. Now she treats herself to a day off or ends a stream after only 2 hours (via twitch tracker).
  • Amouranth Shows Different Content: Yes, she still shows herself in daring outfits. But while the Hot Tub and ASMR categories used to dominate the Amouranth streams, she now takes viewers to her horses or gambles Overwatch 2 in IRL streams.
  • What she does is of her own free will: if Amouranth shows up in the hot tub, then only if she really wants to
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Why is this exciting? Amouranth testified in October that she was under a lot of pressure from her husband. So she was not allowed to do anything that could jeopardize her brand, including making her relationship public.

The nature of her content was also controlled by her husband, Amouranth said. He demanded that she always present herself freely, instead of participating in fun streamer events, she had to stay at home and “grind”.

Apparently, it was always about getting more followers and turning them into paying customers on payment platforms like OnlyFans.

Now Amouranth is catching up on all the things she enjoys: visiting her horses, hosting IRL streams with friends, and gaming for hours. That could have led to a slump in viewer numbers.

But the opposite is true: more people than ever follow Amouranth when she appears to be herself.

Nevertheless, there are critical voices. Some people accuse Amouranth that the allegations against her husband were just for show, that she would present herself again as usual. Others worry and fear Amouranth will continue to be pressured.

Amouranth defends itself against criticism

What does Amouranth say to its critics? on Twitter Amouranth already explained on October 22 what was different now: If she otherwise took a break from streaming, she was always otherwise productive: she filmed other content or had photo shoots.

Now she doesn’t do that, so she doesn’t have any new photos to share. This suggests that at least some of the photos and videos currently being posted by Amouranth were pre-produced a long time ago.

I think some of you just don’t understand that you can be compelled to do something for a long period of time, but want to do it of your own free will in other circumstances.


It seems like after years of being in control, Amouranth needs to rediscover itself and explore what content is right for it. If the past few weeks are any indication, viewers can look forward to a mix of familiar and new content going forward.

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The “hot tub” streams that made Amouranth famous have long been the subject of controversy. Female streamers, in particular, can use it to circumvent Twitch’s fairly strict clothing guidelines because they’re technically swimming. However, they always have to walk a tightrope, one wrong move and you will be banned:

Twitch bans streamer who sits on a cupcake in the bathtub