BREAKING: According to the leak, the PS5 Slim will be released in 2023

PS5: New model has appeared in Japan and gives hope for faster production

The rumor about a variant of the PS5 with a removable drive is already a few weeks old. Like the page citing sources close to Sony, it is said to be a slim model that will be released next year.

When will the PS5 Slim be released? As the site reports, production of the smaller console is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2023. A release is planned for Q3 2023.

The differences: PS5 vs. PS5 Slim

In addition to a possible release period, the first differences to the normal PS5 are also mentioned, which we summarize for you here:

  • New design: According to the leak, the Slim comes with a redesign that is smaller in direct comparison and that differs significantly from the outside view. According to the information, the die-shrink process is used, which allows the console to be made smaller.
  • No stand in the horizontal: The slim version should no longer need a stand when lying down.
  • Removable drive: Like insiders Tom Henderson suspected, the console is the one that comes with a removable drive. That would align with the release period, but would also explain why the console no longer needs a stand when lying down due to the changed design.

How credible is the source? Tom Henderson and his Insider Gaming site are considered extremely well connected and credible. If Henderson shares a source, the leaked information usually has a high level of truth. As always, GamePro asked Sony directly about leaks and rumors and asked them to make a statement. As soon as we receive new information, we will inform you about it.

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New console would explain future PS5 sales figures

According to an investor call citing Tom Henderson, Sony wants to ship 30 million PS5 consoles worldwide in the 2023 fiscal year. The new Slim variant represents a total of 18.5 million units.

If we consider that a total of 25 million consoles had been shipped by the end of September 2022 and the targeted sharp increase in the coming fiscal year, a second model with modified hardware components is likely. As always with leaks and rumours, you should take the information with a pinch of salt.

Do you think Sony will launch a slim version of the PS5 as early as 2023?