Final Fantasy 16 game time – According to the director, that’s how long you need for the story

Clive Rosfield on his journey through the lands of Valisthea

The season of Final Fantasy 16 is known.

Unlike Final Fantasy 15, the sixteenth main part of Square Enix’ role-playing series will not offer an open world, but according to Square Enix, Final Fantasy 16 is not exactly short. Hiroshi Takai, the director of the upcoming PS5 and PC adventure, has an interview with the Italian magazine Everyeye (via comic book) revealed the playing time, and let me say this much in advance: According to Takai, Final Fantasy fans will have plenty to do as usual.

Final Fantasy 16 – Story Game Length + Total Game Time

  • Story time: 35 to 40 hours
  • Game time with all optional tasks: 70+ hours

According to Takai, Final Fantasy 16 should offer “a lot” of optional tasks, so that you are busy with a total of over 70 hours. It is not known exactly what secondary activities await us.

Also new is that the action RPG will offer a New Game Plus mode. Means: After the end of the story you can keep your equipment and abilities and start a new game with them. As Takai mentions in the interview, in the New Game Plus mode we have to face stronger opponents than before. It is not yet known how big the challenge in NG+ will ultimately be and whether there will be special rewards, for example in the form of special weapons.

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This places Final Fantasy 16 between FF 15 and FF 13 in terms of playing time and scope. For comparison, we have listed the seasons of the last two main offshoots of the Final Fantasy series here again:

Final Fantasy 15 (via Howlongtobeat):

  • Story: 28 hours
  • Story + optional tasks: 53 hours

Final Fantasy 13 (via Hownlongtobeat):

  • Story: 48 hours
  • Story + optional tasks: 61.5 hours

All other known information about Final Fantasy 16

You can watch the current trailer for Final Fantasy 16 here:

Final Fantasy 16 – Pure goosebumps: New trailer shows the powerful hybrid forms for the first time


Final Fantasy 16 – Pure goosebumps: New trailer shows the powerful hybrid forms for the first time

Final Fantasy 16 is slated for release in Summer 2023 for PS5 and PC, but an exact release date is still pending. As Takai explained in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu (via IGN) reveals that the game is already “95 percent complete”, concrete information about the release should be available before the end of the year.

All information about the gameplay of Final Fantasy 16, the story and more can be found in our large GamePro overview.

What are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy 16 season?