God of War Ragnarök: All Trophies Guide – All Achievements for the Platinum Trophy

God of War Ragnarök Platin Trophäe

Do you want all the trophies and especially the coveted platinum trophy in God of War Ragnarok get hold of it, you must be a true Spartan. Because the Nordic worlds have many tasks ready for you to master. In this guide we give you an overview of all trophies in “God of War Ragnarök”.

God of War Ragnarök: The Complete Open World Soulslike Trophy List

Overall, there is God of War Ragnarök 36 trophieswhich you must unlock to complete the game 100 percent to complete. Once you’ve gotten all the trophies, you’ll get them Platinum Trophy. The breakdown of the PlayStation trophies is as follows:

  • 1x platinum
  • 4x gold
  • 15x silver
  • 16 bronzes

Difficulty level does not matter: As with the last excursion with Kratos and Atreus, it doesn’t matter what level of difficulty you experience the adventure with. None of the trophies are tied to a difficulty level, so you can start the game on the easiest level and still get platinum.

Lots of collecting tasks and bosses: Overall, you get the most trophies for story progress and completing certain collectible sets or defeating bosses. The trophies are very similar to the predecessor. We will of course provide you with guides for a variety of the challenges on PlayCentral.

God of War Ragnarok: The Platinum Trophy

All trophies for God of War Ragnarok on the PS4 and PS5 we have listed for you below:

  • The Bear and the Wolf – Collect all trophies.

gold trophies

  • Ready for commitment – Fully upgrade one armor set
  • Ragnarok – Battle the [Spoiler]
  • GraveMistake – Battle [Spoiler]
  • The True Queen – Battle [Spoiler]

silver trophies

  • Spartan Ways – Remember the Spartan teachings.
  • full belly – Obtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead.
  • phlanx – Obtain all shields
  • collector – Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts
  • dragon slayer – Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set
  • How it’s going – Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil
  • [Spoiler] for a friend – Attend the [Spoiler]
  • Full Gufa – Free the Hafgufas
  • Making Amendments – Free the Lyngbakr
  • It Was a Good Day – Retrieve Mardoell
  • invasive species – Complete all of the Crater Hunts
  • besties – Pet Speki and Svanna
  • Rightful Place – Return all of the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr
  • Pure of Hart – Return the Stags of the Four Seasons
  • Trials by Fire – Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

bronze trophies

  • The Florist – Collect one flower from each of the nine realms.
  • The Librarian – Collect all of the books.
  • The Curator – Collect all of the Artifacts
  • How it started – Equip an Enchantment
  • Spit Shine – Upgrade one piece of armor
  • Knock off the Rust – Purchase a skill
  • A Grizzly Encounter – Battle the [Spoiler]
  • Blood Debt – Battle the [Spoiler]
  • Backyard Brawl – Battle [Spoiler]
  • root of the problem – Battle [Spoiler]
  • The Cauldron – Destroy [Spoiler]’s cauldron
  • Off the leash – Battle [Spoiler]
  • Comeuppance – Battle [Spoiler]
  • better together – Battle [Spoiler]
  • Rebel leaders – Return the Hammer of the Rebellion
  • new friend – Fetch Lunda’s orb

God of War Ragnarök will be released on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5. If you would like to learn more about the title, you will find all the important information on our topic page.


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