New World: Player numbers continue to climb – as high as in December 2021!

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Update November 7, 2022: It was pretty clear to us beforehand that with the release of the Fresh Start servers, New World’s player count would continue to climb as the weekend approaches. And we should be right: After up to 119,390 players had already made Aeternum unsafe during the week, this number is increased to 137,755 on Sunday 6 November 2022. For comparison: On December 5, 2021, 140,000 players looked at Aeternum. And the game has gotten a lot better in almost a year. And the MMORPG offers a better start for beginners.

Original of November 3, 2022: On November 2, 2022 at 5 p.m., the first worlds of the so-called Fresh Start servers were opened in New World – and players wanted PURE. Anyone who still had doubts that New World can once again animate many adventurers to take a look was taught better yesterday. Because the release of these servers for a fresh start in Aeternum attracted so many returnees and newcomers that nostalgic memories of the bombastic release of New World came up.

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