Players debate who would win a match between Malenia from Elden Ring and Kratos from God of War

Players debate who would win a match between Malenia from Elden Ring and Kratos from God of War, GamersRD

Some gamers are debating who would win in a fight between Kratos from the God of War franchise and Malenia from the Elden Ring.

Kratos is perhaps one of the strongest characters in video games and is responsible for the deaths of several gods from Greek mythology in the original God of War games. Malenia is the toughest boss in the Elden Ring, and is considered by some players to be one of the toughest enemies in FromSoftware’s catalogue.

This boss fight is a two-phase encounter with one key gameplay mechanic: Malenia gains health with every hit, even if players block the attack. Fighting Malenia is optional and players do not need to fight her to complete the Elden Ring story. While Malenia and Kratos are incredibly powerful in their respective games, some players have decided to compare them in hopes of finding a clear winner.

This discussion takes place in subreddit from God of War when a user named YellowDhub asks other players to share their opinions on who would win between Kratos and Malenia. Many players seem to think that Kratos would best Malenia in this encounter, with some referring to his victory over Sigrun in God of War as proof of his power. One user also points out the fact that Malenia is a demi-god and Kratos has killed multiple gods in his lifetime.

Who would win? Malenia VS Kratos. desde GodofWar

It should be noted that opinions may be skewed in favor of Kratos due to the discussion taking place on the God of War subreddit. However, a similar post was made on the Elden Ring subreddit, with users apparently agreeing that Kratos would win this fight.

Who would win? Kratos VS Malenia. desde Eldenring

In both cases, there are hardly any players showing their support for Malenia. One fan mentions that she is weak to frost, and Kratos simply needs to go back to that skill tree to gain the upper hand. Some players also discuss how Geralt from The Witcher games would fare against Malenia, but opinions are much more mixed for this matchup. Leave us your comment. Kratos or Malenia?

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