WoW celebrates its 18th birthday – and you level up 78% faster

WoW celebrates its 18th birthday - and you level up 78% faster

World of Warcraft is 18 years old and you will get some rewards – especially fans of secondary characters should take advantage of this opportunity now.

Birthday mood has broken out again in World of Warcraft, because Blizzard’s MMORPG is celebrating its 18th anniversary. This is accompanied by some rewards for the players and also a buff that is again more powerful than in previous years. This makes leveling even faster – and you’ll be at level 60 in no time at all and ready to start the new Dragonflight expansion.

What’s for your birthday? The 18th birthday of World of Warcraft is relatively unspectacular, since there are basically no new rewards. So you can get the same rewards as last year. However, the Birthday Pack that you can find in each character’s mail will give you the well-known Birthday buff, this time granting 18% extra XP and reputation.

This combines beautifully with the Wind of Wisdom buff, which increases your XP by 50% through November 15th.

Apart from that, the “old” activities of previous years are active again. So you can defeat the Doomwalker in Tanaris for a toy and mount, or hunt down the ancient nightmare dragons for some rewards you may have missed in previous years.

So how do you get 78%? The current 50% bonus from the Winds of Wisdom combined with turning 18 gives a 68% bonus. You can get the last 10% through the Darkmoon Faire, which has also been active since last Sunday. Get tickets for the roller coaster or carousel there and ride a lap to build up the hour-long buff. While it’s active, you’ll get another 10% more XP and reputation, so the bonus pretty easily grows to 78%.

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If you combine all these effects, leveling should be even faster at the moment, so you can easily reach at least level 50 in 2 to 3 evenings. Only the last 10 levels will then possibly take a little longer – but these buffs also help immensely there.

Is there more? Yes. If you want to, you can increase the bonus a bit further. Because in Battle for Azeroth it was possible to buy potions for 10% extra XP. If you have a few left, you can temporarily increase the XP gain by another 10%.

Depending on the realm, it can also be worthwhile to activate the war mode. This also gives a bonus of 10% to 30% – depending on how strong your faction is outnumbered or outnumbered. However, keep in mind that you may lose time here through PvP deaths. If you die too often, you can simply deactivate war mode again in a nearby inn.

By the way, the birthday event runs until November 27th – so it ends in time for the release of Dragonflight.

Do you have all your alts ready for Dragonflight yet? Or do you need more time to start the new expansion?