Xbox Series X: Lionsgate flirting with John Wick video game adaptation

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According to Jon Feltheimer, the potential for a triple-A video game is there, and Lionsgate has already received suggestions for John Wick.

At the balance sheet press conference, CEO Jon Feltheimer hinted that Lionsgate sees potential for a video game adaptation of the John Wick film series.

A game adaptation was released in 2020. John Wick Hex is a strategic indie game and is described as a “chess game with fight choreography”.

A sprawling action game would be a natural fit for the character of John Wick and the story, given the stylized action and “gun-fu” character of the three films starring Keanu Reaves.

Feltheimer was reluctant to provide further information: “I don’t want to prejudge but we believe a great AAA game can be made of ‘John Wick’. We’ve asked for suggestions. We’re certainly interested in moving that forward, but I don’t want to say more about that at this point.”

He emphasized that the filmmakers behind the series did an incredible job, not only in keeping the franchise alive and relevant, but also in making it more valuable: In 2014, the first part “John Wick” already grossed 86 million dollars – with a budget of 20 million dollars. “John Wick: Chapter 2” already brought in 171 million dollars, while “John Wick: Chapter 3” was again a decent increase with 327 million dollars.

It is therefore not surprising that eager fans have long been looking for a Triple A implementation with the appropriate budget to wish.

First of all, there will be new material for viewers with the movie John Wick 4 in March 2023. In addition, “Ballerina” is a spin-off film in production, while a prequel series “The Continental” will also be launched in 2023. It can be seen in the US on Peacoc and internationally on Amazon Prime.

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