7 vs. Wild: Knossi finds volleyball, Wilson names it as an allusion to Cast Away with Tom Hanks

7 vs. Wild: Knossi und Wilson

In the meantime, those responsible have closed the second episode 7 vs Wild season 2 with a little delay, but in feature film length, released. In it we get to know the very different approaches of the seven participants after their suspension and how they set themselves up at their spot for the coming days.

A special highlight is the candidate and Twitch streamer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, who needs a break in the minutes after exposure to catch his breath and recover from the shock. After all, according to his own words, he has it only made it to the island with the last of our strength. But the next scenes are all the more entertaining and we are presented with a Knossi in his best form.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi finds an old friend

Probably the most iconic moment of season 2 is the discovery of an old volleyball in the garbage masses on the beach. Knossi picks it up in the second episode, holds it in front of him and yells:

“Wilson, is that you?”

And indeed, the old volleyball, which looks pretty battered by the sea water and the forces of nature, is a little reminiscent of the volleyball that Tom Hanks found in the film “Cast Away”.

The ball appears to the stranded on a desert island Chuck Noland superfluous at the beginning, it acquires an existential meaning as the story progresses. Chuck draws a human face on him with blood from an injured hand and from then on talks to his mute friend over and over again.

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With the manufacturer’s logo Wilson Sporting Goods on the volleyball, Chuck finally calls him Wilson and makes him his constant companion in the otherwise total isolation. So a really funny allusion by Knossi to the Robinsonade with Tom Hanks from the year 2000.

By the way, there are other parallels between them, because at the very end of the episode, Knossi injures his foot with a stick, resulting in blood. We can also well imagine that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Wilson and that the 36-year-old will have some entertaining conversations with volleyball in the coming episodes.

What happened to the real Wilson?

Of course, the volleyball that Knossi found is not the original. Although he could have been very happy about that. After all, the real Wilson is around a year ago auctioned for almost 270,000 euros.

A tidy sum considering it’s just a dirty ball that was intentionally left in the water a lot during filming to keep the dirty look. Also, the top has been ripped open and tobacco stems have been inserted at this point to replicate the look of hair.