7 vs Wild: Who is a Starletnova competitor?

7 vs Wild: Who is a Starletnova competitor?

In addition to Sabrina Outdoor takes another woman on the second season 7 vs Wild Part. the Streamer Starletnova supports Sabrina with more girl power. Antonia, as her real name is, has in advance for much discussion material taken care of. Here you can find out why that is and why she still has a good chance in the series.

The “makeup chick” in 7 vs. Wild: is she underestimated?

Many were skeptical when Nova von Fritz was nominated for season two. the long blond hair and the made nails seem to be far away from survival and outdoor. But it quickly becomes apparent that she more courage and experience has than many believe.

© YouTube: Fritz Meinecke – Presentation of Starletnova.

Normally Nova streams on hers Twitch Channel Reactions to different videos. Currently also the behind-the-scenes episodes and main videos of 7 vs. Wild. Now and then she gambles Overwatch 2 or various party games with other streamers.

Where else can Nova be found? on YouTube she is also active. Here she uploads vlogs to her channel starletnova. Your secondary channel inNOVAtiv will feature stream highlights and reactions. Also, she has one Instagram account With 147,000 followers.

What experience does Starletnova bring to 7vs Wild?

  • 15 years girl scout: Born in Sweden, she was a Boy Scout in her home country for 15 years. “And that’s not wishy-washy scouting either”. She has been able to make fire and handle an ax since she was a child.
  • experiences: Wet clothes? Fire won’t start? Nova knows everything from her boy scout days. So when it comes to annoying experiences, she’s already prepared.
  • Tropics vs. Native Forest: Although she has respect for the jungle, she sees herself quite capable of applying her knowledge there.
  • mindset: Not only she herself but also those around her believe in her and her will. Nova has bite, she loves the project and absolutely wants to take part, which gives her motivation another boost.
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Nova is allowed thanks to the ranking four items take along. She stabs with her ax and the bivouac sack out of here. Antonia herself says, however, that she has always worked with an ax and is the best at it. The bivy sack quickly became her favorite too.