Absolute chaos on Twitter: Super Mario gives the finger

Elon Musk bought Twitter and immediately fired the old bosses

Twitter new owner Elon Musk is currently turning the short message platform upside down according to his ideas. Not only has the billionaire recently fired half of the workforce – basic functions of Twitter are also currently being changed. The focus is also on User verification. So far, celebrities, politicians, companies or journalists have one “blue hook” next to the name to make it clear that this is the official account.

New verification causes chaos

If Elon Musk has his way, all real people – regardless of whether they are prominent or not – should receive a blue tick for their verification. on saturday is TwitterBlue has therefore been expanded to include precisely this advantage. For $8 a month, all Twitter users can now look forward to an official verification. And because the review, apparently only halfheartedly expires, things really got down to business in the last few hours on Twitter.

Super Mario’s middle finger

It’s not new that fake accounts impersonate companies or celebrities to garner a bit of attention. thanks to the previous verification you could see very quickly whether it was actually an official announcement or just a hoax. But if parody profiles can also get a blue tick, chaos suddenly reigns. An example is this Nintendo Fake Account that has a picture of Super Mario with middle finger pose showed.

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