Blizzard is looking for the WoW superfan for a quiz show … but only in Southern California …

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Not everyone who plays WoW is also familiar with the world of World of Warcraft. It’s not even necessary to enjoy Blizzard’s MMO. However, there are also players who know every stone in Azeroth by their first names and still know how much hit rating the staff gave to the third boss in Dungeon XY. And exactly such players are currently looking for at Blizzard.

But not to hire them, but to put them in front of the camera. A quiz show is intended to determine who is the ultimate WoW superfan. Incidentally, the winner of the show will face off against Sean Copland, the “Historian Supervisor” from Blizzard’s creative team, in the finale.

But will you find the WoW Superfan if you look no further than your own front door?