CoD MW2: Season 1 brings the most popular maps of the predecessor – roadmap is online

cod modern warfare 2 season 1 roadmap 2022

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has released its Season 1 roadmap. Included are the highlight maps from CoD MW 2019 – Shoot House (Release) and Shipment (Mid-Season). What other content is in Season 1, we show you here on MeinMMO.

The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the most successful launch of a premium title in the CoD series. The shooter was able to attract 40% more players than any other annual CoD title at launch.

However, some features were missing from the release that many players expected. With Season 1, that should change and there is also new content. Here is an overview:

  • Start: 16.11. at 7 p.m
  • 2 classic maps
  • Hardcore Modes / Tier 1
  • Combat Stats
  • Battle Pass
  • 4 new weapons
  • Spec Ops Mission
  • Raid – Episode 1
  • 6 new operators
  • Seasonal prestige system
  • Modern Warfare FC
  • Warzone release overview

MeinMMO shows you the content details in the overview. We distinguish between the innovations that come into play right at the start of the season and content for the mid-season, which only starts on December 14th. You can also download information from our season hub.

CoD MW2: Season 1 – Content at the start

When does Season 1 start? It starts on November 16 at 7 p.m. The preload starts for CoD MW2 owners on November 14 at 7 p.m.

Incidentally, both also apply to the new, free Battle Royale Warzone 2.0. More information about the new Warzone can be found here.

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What’s coming with Season 1? We also list the innovations with a brief explanation:

Less life, hardly any HUD and team fire – many CoD players prefer it a little harder, but the hardcore options were not in the game at release. They come with Season 1 under the new name “Tier 1”.

As with the first season of CoD MW 2019, Shoot House comes into play. The map was brand new in 2019 and became an instant classic with its 3-lane system and clear structure. One of the most popular maps of the time is now coming back with some adjustments.

cod modern warfare 2 shoot house new

Currently you cannot see your global K/D or any other stats in MW2. Previously, you could only see your match K/D. With Season 1 such things are visible.

  • Battle Pass / 3 new weapons

Modern Warfare 2 is now the fourth CoD in a row with a Battle Pass. Here you can get over 100 in-game items for around €10, but you would have to tear up a lot of playing time for that. There are also free tiers.

Above 2 of the free tiers you get the new weapons: Victus XMR Sniper Rifle and BAS-P SMG (“Bruen Ops” platform). There is also the Chimera assault rifle (“Bruen Ops” platform) to unlock via a challenge.

The Fourth Spec Ops Mission: One player sits in the heli upstairs and supports Player 2, who is clearing and searching buildings downstairs along with NPC allies.

  • Seasonal prestige system

When you reach Rank 56, you advance to Prestige 2. This will unlock challenges that you can use to unlock cosmetics. You reach Prestige 2 at level 100 and the maximum Prestige level of Season 1 is Prestige 5 at level 250.

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However, unlike the prestige systems of recent years, you can now “pre-level”. If you get over the 250 levels, you keep your progress directly for the next season.

CoD: Warzone 2.0 is getting bigger and better – but you have to do without one thing

CoD MW2: Season 1 – Content throughout the season

When does mid-season start? The second stage of Season 1 will start on December 14th. However, not all content will come by the deadline – some things will also come “in-season” and have no exact release date:

  • Modern Warfare FC – In Season

Neymar (11/21), Pogba (11/25), Messi (11/29) – the three famous football stars come into play as operators. There is also a small event and a mini-game mode – more details will come later.

cod modern warfare 2 soccer operator
  • assault rifle M13B – mid-season

Mid-Season comes with another rifle for the Bruen Ops platform – the M13B assault rifle, which looks suspiciously similar to the M13 from CoD MW 2019.

The quintessential Call of Duty grind map and arguably the most popular map in the Modern Warfare series. Most of the time you can’t stand it for long on the small map, but many players still love it.

cod modern warfare 2 shipment at sea
  • Raid: Episode 1 – Mid Season

There are not yet all the details about the new PvE activity. The developers write: “Continuing the story of the MW2 campaign, Raids will be the ultimate challenge for trios with a mix of stealth, all-out action and puzzles.”

That’s all there is to know about Modern Warfare 2’s new Season 1 content so far.

In addition, however, the new free Battle Royale Warzone including the DMZ extraction mode also starts. If you want to know more about Warzone 2.0, have a look here.

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If you have any questions about the new season or an opinion, leave a comment on the topic.