Destiny 2 is now controlled by a sentient weapon – and it wants more power


Something mysterious is going on in Destiny 2 right now. The loot shooter’s most well-known and buggy exo-weapon has been out of control since yesterday. Telesto has developed its own power consciousness. And MeinMMO also has to submit to the “Queen of Bugs” and write this article for her.

What’s going on in Destiny 2 right now? On Tuesday after the weekly reset, Telesto, probably the most well-known exotic fusion rifle, surprisingly had a new fire mode. When fired, her bolts fly uncontrollably into the air like soap bubbles and she emits sparks.

The players were puzzled as to what kind of damn strange bug that probably crept in after the update. In any case, you couldn’t really hit anything with it, except maybe a few low-flying swallows.

The Guardians are currently surrounded by Telesto – and there is currently no escape!

While Telesto is known for its many bugs, this time it was different. Players could fix the strange shooting behavior themselves.

  • By holding down the reload button, your guardian performs a skillful hit against the fusion rifle and it shoots completely normally again.

The Destiny community is on fire: Telesto’s mysterious behavior spread like wildfire throughout the game. Many Guardians sensed a secret. So they dusted off the exotic from their safe or collection and immediately went with it.

The wildest telestories were set up and checked:

  • Checked the “Break Again” set in Eververse for lore clues.
  • You played different activities with Telesto and watched for changes.
  • The flashing lights on the back of Telesto have been checked for Morse code.
  • Some players even had the crazy idea that Telesto’s bubble darts might draw constellations in the sky.
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He also followed this last idea Destiny 2 Content Creator Aztecross very persistent and therefore even asked in his twitch chat if an astronomer was present.

Apparently, that much attention was exactly what Telesto had always wanted and needed. After nearly everyone in the game equipped the weapon, a mysterious in-game overlay titled “I’m In Control!” reached the Guardians last night.

Telesto takes over Destiny 2 and sends this message to the Guardians ingame.

Telesto accepts Bungie and third-party accounts: Shortly thereafter, Bungie’s official account tweeted only the words of a power-hungry weapon.

I am telesto I’ve overcome the need for a porter. I’ve stayed too long in your vaults. It’s not like I took control; you didn’t have them to begin with. I am beyond Destiny. Beyond Bungie. Beyond anything you can imagine.

shares Telesto on the hacked Bungie Twitter account With

But not only Bungie’s Twitter account is affected, as was usual from the previous hacks by Savathun or Caitl.

In Destiny 2, Savathun is now the new Twitter Queen – cheekily flirts with the Guardians

Let the Telesto age begin!

Telesto has hacked into many more systems. Third-party apps and probably even devices in the Bungie office are also affected:

  • The statistics on the website Trials Report are packed with the new Telesto meta.
  • The external service Destiny Item Manager for managing your inventory, if you hoovert over your weapons with the mouse, it also only shows Telesto.
  • Yes, apparently even the coffee machine at Bungie only brews “Telestopressos”, like Ben PlatnickVFX Artist at Bungie, tweeted.

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What does the community say about Telesolution? Most players think it’s really cool that Bungie is making its “Queen of Bugs” an absolute cult object. After all, the weapon has done everything for years to ensure that it is never forgotten.

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However, it’s also been an extremely long time since Bungie offered players such creative variety in the game. The Destiny community is currently so hungry for content that this little Easter egg with the Telesto was enough to create a complete “event event” in the minds of the players.

Other players, like GJaketake the opportunity to use funny memes to draw attention to Destiny 2 problems that are more important to him.

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This skilful hint also resulted in the negative voices of players who say Bungie really has enough other construction sites than bringing such gags into play. However, it should be noted here that a creative team at Bungie is not responsible for the problems in PvP. After all, Destiny 2 is supposed to entertain its players, and it succeeds excellently with surprising events, which you should then enjoy with a smile.

Use the opportunity: So if you’ve always wanted to talk to Destiny 2’s most iconic weapon, now’s your chance. This goes straight through the German Twitter account of Destiny 2.

But be warned: neither the Vanguard nor Savathûn, the Witness, the Nine, nor Peter Parsons, Bungie’s CEO, are safe from the power of Telesto.

What do you think of the power-hungry Telesto dominating everything right now? Do you think something cool in the loot shooter and do you want more of it? Or is this just a silly gimmick you don’t pay attention to. Write it to us in the comments.

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