DMZ in Warzone 2: First official information about the Tarkov and Hunt alternative published

In DMZ mode you can compete alone or in a team in PvPvE battles.

In DMZ mode you can compete alone or in a team in PvPvE battles.

DMZ is a new mode in CoD Warzone 2 reminiscent of games like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown Remembered. Infinity Ward and Activision have finally shared the first official information with us, a few days before the release of Warzone 2. So the leak turns out to be true.

This is the DMZ mode in Warzone 2

Extraction mode is an entirely new Warzone experience that coexists with classic Battle Royale matches. In the official blog entry DMZ is billed as an “open-ended, narrative extraction mode in which squads of Operators are given free reign to complete faction-based missions.”

In short: You fight in an open world (apparently Al Mazrah) alone or together with your team against AI opponents and human enemies. Meanwhile you are looking for helpful loot to fulfill your main and side missions, which should also be related to a story. In the end, you will only be successful if you make it out of the area alive after your missions.

Even more tactics are required in DMZ, which is further reinforced by the new backpack system. With this you can build new useful items such as mines from collected resources.

In DMZ mode, tactics matter.

In DMZ mode, tactics matter.

What does the abbreviation DMZ even mean? DMZ is the abbreviation for “Demilitarized Zone”, i.e. a neutral area.

More information about DMZ will follow shortly before the release of Warzone 2. A complete overview with the most important information about the launch, for example new features and the preload, can be found in the following article:

On November 16, 2022 it finally starts with Call of Duty Warzone 2. However, Warzone 1 will not be switched off, but renamed Warzone Caldera and can still be played after a server break and some adjustments. Meanwhile, Season 1 in Modern Warfare 2 starts with the Warzone 2 launch.

What do you think of DMZ mode? Are you looking forward to it and do you think he can hold his own against the competition?