FIFA 23: EA Says Game Predicts World Cup Winner

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In less than two weeks the starting signal for this year’s will be given Soccer World Cup in Qatar. This does not take place as usual in the summer months, but begins on November 20th and runs well into the run-up to Christmas. A total of 32 national teams from all over the world compete against each other the new world champion to choose. For the publisher Electronic Arts the winner has already been determined.

FIFA 23 predicts the world champion

As in previous World Cup tournaments Electronic Arts and EA Sports a current game of the FIFA series for the entire World Cup including the KO round to simulate. FIFA served 23 that year (buy now €57.99 ) as the basis for the extensive simulation. What at first glance a nice PR stunt sounds, but has a particularly interesting facet: Electronic Arts’ prognosis has always been correct for the past three soccer World Cups. Either 2010 (Spain) as well as 2014 (Germany) and 2018 (France) the simulations correctly predictedwhich national team would win the coveted trophy. Logically, the fans were all the more excited about the simulation this year.

Should Electronic Arts actually be right again, the tournament in Qatar the Argentina team be happy about the world title. According to the simulation in FIFA 23, the final will come to a head Duel with the great rival Brazilwhile France comes third. Germany however, was eliminated in the quarter-finals with 0:3 against the Brazilian national team. The simulation also predicts the top scorer of the World Cup. Accordingly, the Argentine will Lionel Messi win the coveted Golden Boot trophy with eight goals.

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