FIFA 23: predicts winners of the 2022 World Cup – got it right the last 3 times

FIFA 23: predicts winners of the 2022 World Cup - was correct the last 3 times

EA uses FIFA 23 to predict the winner of the soccer World Cup again this year. In the last three tournaments, the popular football simulation was already right.

In the exciting project, in which the title is actually used in the sense of a simulation, the publisher has all 64 matches played out in advance. FIFA 23 makes a prognosis that seems quite realistic.

According to FIFA 23, Argentina will win the 2022 World Cup

Do you trust the results obtained from the simulated tournament in FIFA 23 for the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar? spits out, then this year the Argentinian team around Lionel Messi will win the coveted trophy. The Albiceleste have not claimed a title on what is arguably football’s greatest stage since the legendary victory in the 1986 final, in which a certain Diego Maradona was instrumental in the triumph.

The Argentines, centered around the Paris Saint Germain superstar, are at least among the favorites in this year’s tournament after a truly impressive qualifier on the South American continent. According to FIFA 23, they will meet the Brazilians in the final, who are also among the favorites and, as the South American team, are among their closest rivals. Here, however, captain Messi provided the decisive goal and, on top of that, sacked the Golden Boot as the most accurate shooter.

There are enough good omens from FIFA alone: ​​After the football simulation had the right nose for the 2010 World Cup with Spain, the correct forecast was followed in 2014 with Germany as the winner. The whole thing continued until the last World Cup in 2018, where FIFA was again able to know the ultimate winner with France in advance.

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England fans are in for a tough time

But that’s not all: FIFA 23 not only reveals who will ultimately win and take home the golden trophy. A look at the simulated tournament also reveals which nations are hit hardest in football terms.

Times are particularly dire for fans of the Three Lions, the England team under the thumb of Gareth Southgate. If the team’s performance in the real World Cup tournament lives up to those it called up in FIFA 23, the team will be eliminated in the round of 16. The team around Jude Bellingham from BVB and ex-Dortmunder Jadon Sancho did not even finish the group phase first, which is why you then have to run directly against the Netherlands in the eighth – and fail.

If everything runs like the game, Messi can once again crown his successful career with tournament victory, the Golden Boot and even the Golden Ball as the best player of the 2022 World Cup. Next to him, his teammates from the French champions, young star Kylian Mbappe and Richarlison, at least also cut a good figure. So while we’re looking forward to the outcome of the big event, we can at least think back a bit with a game we played in FIFA 23’s World Cup mode.