God of War Ragnarök: The Last of Us Easter Egg discovered

The critics are unanimous when it comes to Gof of War Ragnarök: An all-round successful masterpiece that only has to lag behind Elden Ring.

Since Wednesday is God of War Ragnarok available for PS5 and PS4. And while players are about to experience the next adventure of Kratos and Atreus, some fans are already anticipating a thing or two Easter egg encountered that the developers of Sony Santa Monica Studio placed in the title. This includes, among other things, allusions to games played by others PlayStation Studios were developed. In the Reddit forum, a user has now shared a first find with the community.

The Last of Us hides in God of War Ragnarok

An easter egg is a reference to The Last of Us. The series of Naughty Dog, which only recently entered remake of the original released for PS5 will appear in God of War Ragnarök (buy now ) in form of short poem mentioned. Under the title “We Who Remain, Part The Second” it can be found in a hidden book that you can collect in the world.

While Joel and Ellie are not specifically mentioned in the poem, lines like “For the bearded, unmerciful father and his surrogate daughter” strongly suggest that this is The Last of Us. It becomes even clearer when you look at the book cover. Here it is Tattoo to see that Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2 carries on the arm. We have included the screenshot with the complete poem below.

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