Google Stadia: Now you get your money back!

Google Stadia app is now live on the Play Store

At the end of September, those responsible at Google announced that Stadia before the shutdown stands. However, no customer is left with the costs. Google promises one refund on almost everything related to the platform. And this week, the company has now started making first transfers to make to the players. So if you were a Stadia customer and you’re about to get money from Google into your account, it’s probably about the refund.

Google asks for patience

However, it will take some time before the majority of all refunds reach customers. At the latest January 18, 2023 but you want to get most of it done. That is also the day when Google Stadia will go offline. By the way, the money will be transferred to the account that you used when you made the purchase in the Google Store. If there are difficulties here, Google will contact you via email. In the best case, everything runs automatically.

What is reimbursed?

according to the FAQs from Google will not only all hardware purchases – including the Founder’s Edition, Premiere Edition or Controller – will be refunded shortly, but also “all Games, add-on content and subscription fees (except for Stadia Pro) purchased through the Stadia Store”. Parallel works Ubisoft just working on a way to get your Ubisoft games from Stadia to Ubisoft Connect can be transferred to the PC.

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