GTA 6: Megahack has no effect on development


This year it came to the supposed biggest leak in video game historyas real moving images of GTA 6 have appeared on the web.

But don’t worry, says Rockstar Games. The incident has no impact on the development processes. The CEO Strauss Zelnick is now speaking at the investor conference and he is in good spirits.

What happened? Rockstar Games’ security system was hacked and the result was a gigantic data leak. Large parts of the game were leaked before the release.

Of the Hacker was arrested shortly thereafter, who managed to gain access to the Rockstar Games database. He was from Highbury Corner Youth Court (in London) belongs.

With regard to the Violation of the bail conditions he pleaded guilty, but not to the Computer misuse charges. Since then, the case has been referred to a higher court. Meanwhile, the teenager is sitting in one juvenile detention center.

How does the hack affect the development of GTA 6?

A lot has happened in the meantime. This is how the development studios shared their encouragement on an international level, they showed themselves in solidarity with the early build of GTA VI, who unsurprisingly looks bad. It’s just in the early stages of development – with no graphical polish.

Of the Take-Two Interactive stock price broke on the day of the hack at around 6 percent a.

A new glimmer of hope: In last Monday’s conference call November 7, 2022 Take-Two has now shared a small update. Did you realize the potential impact the hack is having on the development of GTA 6?

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First of all, Strauss explains to Zelnick that everything went very unfortunate and that they take this incident very seriously.

But there is no indication that the material assets stolen were what eventually became one good thing represent.

He further assures that the leak no direct influence on the development will have or something like that. However, it was incredibly disappointing, which in turn led to increased vigilance in relation to the internal cybersecurity lead

Lucky again: Rockstar Games can continue to work on “GTA 6” and the waiting fans don’t seem to have to accept a major delay in the internally planned release period.

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