Guide: Replace PS4 hard drive: expand storage space

Replacing the hard drive on the PS4 makes sense if you want to have more storage space on the console or replace the built-in HDD with an SSD. However, since opening the PS4 yourself will void the warranty, you should proceed as cautiously as possible when replacing the hard drive. Before replacing the hard drive, it is also advisable to back up important data.

PS4: hard drive replacement without data loss

In order to secure the scores of the PS4 games and other content, you should first Back up all important data. To do this, first connect an external data carrier to the PS4, start the console and navigate to the system settings.

  1. In the settings under the item “System” you choose “Save and recover”.
  2. In the next step select the option “PS4 backup”.
  3. You can then determine which files are backed up should be.
  4. Depending on the size, the backup can now take some time take.

After creating a backup, you can start swapping the PS4 hard drive without fear of data loss. the maximum size of the new disk can exceed 2TB, but may be at most 8TB.

Changing the PS4 hard drive: assembly and installation

In addition to a 2.5 inch hard drive with SATA connection, basically only a Phillips screwdriver is required for the change. Before replacing the console completely switched off and disconnected from the mains will.

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In addition, you need the latest version of the PS4 operating system on a USB stick. This will be on the official Sony website offered for free download. Then the hard disk replacement is as follows:

  1. The top left of the hard drive cover slides outward first to release the to open the console. After loosening a screw, the Hard drive frame from the case to be pulled.
  2. All four screws that are on the hard drive bracket will now unscrewed and removed.
  3. The old hard drive can be taken out and be replaced with the new memory. It is particularly important to use the new data carrier correctly.
  4. In the next step, the Screws screwed back onto the bracketafter which this is plugged into the console.
  5. Then the Console reassembled and connected to the power grid.

In order to easily swap the hard drive on the PS4, you now close the USB stick with the one before downloaded PS4 operating system to the console on. Then the power button is pressed for several seconds, so that the PS4 in the boot into safe mode. Finally you click “Initialize PS4” and “Reinstall System Software”.