Guild Wars 2: Why this update is so much hotter than the 10th anniversary

In this image, you can see that the skyscale's wings must be bugged with lightning effects - they're much larger here.

In 2022, Guild Wars 2 was not only supplemented by the great expansion End of Dragons, but was also able to celebrate a historic birthday: Arenanet’s MMORPG turned 10 years old on August 23, 2022! This should actually be a big event, especially for “veterans” who have been there since launch. But as one of those long-term players, I have to say…it wasn’t that cool. Gifts for 10-year-old heroes were modest. And there were new weapons and an armor set for everyone anyway. Where was the nostalgia, where was the return to what only we, who stayed stubbornly on the ball, still know? We got that now, a little over two months after the anniversary – in the form of a fiery battle!

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