How to Defeat Boss Gryla in God of War Ragnarök (Guide)

Boss-Guide: Gryla (God of War Ragnarök), Tipps, Tricks, Lösung

In God of War Ragnarok there is a variety of epic battles against powerful bosses. The banter with the is particularly nerve-wracking Giantess Grylawhich must be defeated with cunning rather than strength, and which will take you into three combat phases still demands a lot. In our Guide we’ll tell you how to easily defeat them nonetheless.

God of War Ragnarök: Defeating Boss Gryla, Here’s How (Phase 1)

Before you face the giantess, be warned: you cannot defeat the boss in a conventional way, because she is immune to most attacks. Bow and arrow hits deal minimal damage that’s barely worth mentioning, and you can forget about melee attacks entirely.

Focus on it instead, with Atreus’ bow the cauldron in the giantess’s right arm. This item will keep coming back purple runes begin to glow, which for you is tantamount to telling you to put some arrows into the thing. Uses R3to better identify and aim at your target.

In this phase, Gryla relies on two attacks. Either she throws you projectiles from the cauldron that you can easily dodge to the side, or she stomps on the ground with her oversized feet. To the foot stamp evade her by simply dodging backwards and staying at a distance for a moment.

the battle arena is fortunately large enough to easily evade the giantess’ furious attacks. Do you have her cauldron? four times caught, Gryla will briefly collapse and is very vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Run to her and give the cauldron a couple of good hits on the glowing spot before it stage 2 goes on.

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God of War Ragnarök: Defeating Boss Gryla, Here’s How (Phase 2)

Once the boss out God of War Ragnarok is back on your feet the ground will start to glow red, heralding a powerful area attack. Escape your grim fate by to a ledge pulls up. Then you have to consider three things in order to bring Gryla to his knees again and to move on to phase 3.

  • red bottom: Avoid the approaching area attack by moving up or down in time.
  • Gryla’s missiles: Slow projectiles thrown at you from the cauldron. Can be shot down with a bow.
  • candlesMission: Dodge your way towards the two large candles in the room, which can be lit by Angrboda once you get close enough.

are you looking around the two candles taken care of, the strategy looks exactly the same as in phase 1. Wait until the runes on the cauldron start to glow and then shoot an arrow into the item. Make sure Gryla gets the cauldron for protection like to turn around, then simply change your own position.

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God of War Ragnarök: Defeating Boss Gryla, How To (Phase 3)

After four more well-placed hits, the boss will go down again and you have a short time window again Runes on the cauldron to edit. Now when the giantess gets back on her feet, she is much more careful than before. she will turn the cauldron away from you and no longer allow you to hit him just like that.

Your goal is now To lure Gryla to one of the two candles and these from Angrboda to let it burn. The boss will only be stunned if she is really close to the candle. If so, you can shoot the glowing runes on the cauldron again. You may have to climb one of the platforms to hit the target.

The tactics from the first and the second phase also remain in phase 3, so diligently shoot missiles out of the air and disappear as soon as the ground starts to glow red. Did you almost defeat the giantess? she drops her cauldron. Then quickly run to the item, press R3 and watch Gryla at her end.