Labyrinth Puzzle Solved by Scorn – Act 4 – Guide

Scorn Guide - Solving Labyrinth Puzzles - Explanation 01

The horror adventure scorn like before Splatter renderings overflow, but it does not limit its relationship to the human brain to the meat grinder. No, the developers at Ebb Software even know exactly what our brains are capable of – and they also demand this in the puzzle part of the game.

The Giger monument in the “Alien” style does not present us with any tired jigsaw puzzles, but dares an excursion into the world of classic puzzles in Act 4. Surely you know that famous wooden maze, in which an iron ball has to be balanced in the center of the maze? It is precisely this principle that “Scorn” picks up on, but omits the balancing act.

So there is now a new problem with the aforesaid labyrinth puzzle in Act 4, which would be the exact one to recognize the task. Apart from that, and that is the interesting thing about it, it cannot be solved at all in its original form.

But don’t let your hair grow gray because of this: Our guide will make you masters of the labyrinth in just a few paragraphs.

How to crack the act 4 maze puzzle

Sure you have in that tissue-rich cave system of the fourth act already spotted the titanic “breeder”. Its massive, black head is a bit reminiscent of a mop after spring cleaning.

Also, you should already have activated the console to the far right of the starting point; then one of all will open three brood pouches. In order to be able to solve the maze puzzle, you must also collect the remaining bags open via console.

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The corresponding consoles are relatively easy to find by exploring all the corridors of the cave system. But: Pay attention to whether passages in the rock walls condition! This is important for the next step.

Once you’ve activated the other two consoles, it’s time, right below the breeder operate three more consoles. However, these are separated from each other by gates, so you three separate entrances have to find.

Go down the ramp at the end of this corridor to get to the maze puzzle © PlayCentral

Door number one is, like the first console, far to the right of your starting position in Act 4. Another door is to the left below the location in the screenshot above, while the final door is on the first floor near a platform lift.

Make three out of one

Finally, go to the position marked by the green arrow in the screenshot above. As you probably already know, there is the maze puzzle, a large apparatus from originally a labyrinth. Now it has become three.

Now look at the picture below. Your job is to green marked ball to the light blue framed target position to move. You use the direction keys to do this. In the first step you steer the ball to the same place as in the screenshot, then you change the labyrinth with a mouse click.

Scorn Guide - Solving Labyrinth Puzzles - Explanation 02
The green has to go blue: To guide the ball to the target, you have to turn the console © PlayCentral

And do you see the light? Exactly: With the help of the three labyrinths you can easily reach your goal, which is why further explanations are unnecessary. Finally, all you have to do is go up the ramp on your left and exit the level through a long corridor.

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