Lost Ark: With the Reaper comes Punika Power Pass and Hyper Express Event

The reaper is extremely mobile.

The fans of the MMOARPG Lost Ark are already looking forward to the November update, because then the western version of the game will be expanded with another advanced class. The third, advanced mage class is the Reaper, whose game identity revolves around three modes: Normal, Persona, and Mayhem. The reaper moves very quickly, and if you want to try her out, you have got it from November 16, 2022 the chance to do so. The people at Amazon Games shed light on what makes the class special in a post from the Lost Ark Academy, which you can check out below.

Punika Power Pass and Hyper Express Event

But before that, important information for you, because with the November update for Lost Ark (buy now €19.99 ) will also be a with the availability of the reaper Punika Power Pass and a Hyper Express event started so that you can quickly upgrade a character from item level 1302 to level 1445.

You will receive the Punika Power Pass if you complete the quest “Berver’s Friend” before or during the event period. Once you’ve completed the storyline on that continent, you can use it to bring another character to that point in the game. The Punika Power Pass grants you item level 1302 gear. You can then select a character from your list with an item level between 1302 and 1445 to participate in the Hyper Express event and earn Enhancement Materials to level up to level 1445 and to receive a particularly valuable reward.

The reaper is extremely mobile.

Source: Amazon Game Studios

The Reaper’s class identity is built around three modes: Normal Mode, Persona Mode, and Mayhem Mode.

  • NORMAL MODE: In Normal mode, the Persona gauge fills up over time and each time a skill hits the target. When the Persona gauge is full, you can enter Persona mode by pressing “Z”. The chaos gauge increases with each successful hit of the dagger and shadow skill when the persona gauge is full. When the Persona gauge is full, enter Chaos mode by filling up the Chaos gauge by constantly using the Dagger and Shadow skills without pressing “Z”.
  • PERSONA MODE: Summon a shadow illusion, become stealthy and the meter will start to increase. The shadow illusion lasts until you attack. You continue to sneak even if you use move or stand up skills while doing so. In Persona mode, your movement speed increases by 30% and you begin to sneak, but are vulnerable to enemy adventurers within 4m. In Persona Mode, Dive skill damage is increased by 25% and the effect stacks up to 5x depending on the duration of Persona Mode. If you attack or the gauge is depleted, you will return to normal mode.
  • CHAOS MODE: Crit Chance +15%. Movement speed +10%. attack Speed ​​+10%. Chaos mode initially lasts 9 seconds. Continuously hitting an enemy with your dagger skills, or when using the Shadow skill, will reset Mayhem mode’s duration to 9 seconds. At the end of Mayhem Mode, the Mayhem Gauge resets and returns to showing a full Persona Gauge.
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Like other advanced classes, the Reaper has two unique class engravings that enhance different aspects of the class. The Hunger class engraving focuses on generating a higher Chaos Gauge and dealing even more damage in Chaos mode. Moon Voice focuses on landing big dive attacks in Persona mode that increase Dive’s damage instantly instead of having to generate stacks.