New MMORPG Looks Like Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Launches Pre-Alpha in November

New MMORPG Looks Like Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Launches Pre-Alpha in November

BitCraft is a new game in development that aims to combine different genres. First and foremost it is an MMORPG, but it wants to bring in elements from survival, building and strategy games. Visually, it is reminiscent of the popular Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What is this game exactly? In BitCraft you start as a creature that has been inspired by a mystical power. However, you have to acquire his special abilities bit by bit. Overall, the game places a lot of emphasis on sandbox elements and cooperation between players:

  • There are no fixed classes and no character level. Instead, you improve individual skills and disciplines. For example, you’ll be displayed as a “Level 34 Lumberjack” instead of a level 34 character.
  • The focus of the MMORPG is on PvE. Outside of cities you should explore the wilderness to find materials and lost technologies. Discovery plays an important role.
  • The crafting should offer different disciplines, including farming, fishing, mining, logging, hunting, cooking, armorer and leatherworker.
  • There are said to be timegates in crafting, but they feel realistic, such as watching a grain grow. Here it would be unrealistic if players could harvest it immediately.
  • All players will play together on one server. The servers are said to be able to constantly generate new pieces of the world as more players join, similar to Minecraft.
  • Only in cooperation should the players be able to master huge projects, such as building cities. For cities, the guilds that claim a land can determine who can build and who can’t. Several cities should also be able to form alliances.
  • PvP battles are not planned for the moment, but not ruled out either.
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BitCraft looks a bit reminiscent of Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact. The game should also offer locomotion options such as climbing and swimming. In this trailer you can watch the first gameplay from 2021:

BitCraft – Announcement Trailer

Test in November focuses on new movement and farming

What is currently happening at BitCraft? A pre-alpha test will take place from November 18th to 20th. In addition, new players should be invited who have not yet had the chance to try BitCraft.

A completely new movement system, new world content and a first version of farming are being tested. In addition, players will be able to build their own boats for the first time. There are also adjustments to fishing and hunting that were already present in a previous test.

However, the developers emphasize that this is a pre-alpha and there will be a lot of unfinished content and bugs.

How to participate in the Alpha? On the official website you can register with your email and hope for an invitation. However, players who are actively involved in the Discord and who were already present at the last event should be invited for this test.

However, each invited player gets a key for a friend, which significantly increases the number of testers overall.

The developers are constantly sharing little snippets of their game on Twitter, including this lovely picnic blanket for players to throw open:

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When will BitCraft be released? Since the MMORPG is currently still in a pre-alpha, the release will take a few more years. The developers from Clockwork Labs in America have not yet given a period of time.

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However, they revealed that BitCraft will be released for PC first, but will later become a cross-platform game.

Which financing model does the game use? There is no definitive statement. However, the initial entry should not cost anything, since BitCraft wants to address a large community. So there are many indications of a Free2Play model with a shop.

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