New World: Streamers have unlocked these new skins for you

The Greatsword in New World is the newest weapon type and was introduced with the Sulfur Sands update.

from Matthias Brueckle
New World streamers have now unlocked cool rewards for you via Back to Aeternum. Twitch teams have really worked hard for this together with their followers. We reveal how to get the latest in-game rewards!

The Amazon MMORPG New World is experiencing its second spring, mainly thanks to so-called Fresh Start servers, on which all players had to start from scratch. On top of that there is new content in the endgame, such as the large area of ​​brimstone sands and a new expedition. So that the hype about New World doesn’t stop, the people at Amazon Games are also using streamers to bring players “Back to Aeternum”. As part of this event, streamers unlock exclusive Twitch Drops on special servers, which all players can secure. In the meantime, the teams have reached stage 2 of the Twitch Drops, with the group “Trees Company” around Smashley, Towelliee and KingGothalion even unlocking the third Twitch Drops.