Papaplatte meets German rap stars – fails miserably even with the greeting

Streamer Papaplatte and German rappers Celo and Abdi

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Of: Josh Grossman

Papaplatte meets German rap stars – fails miserably when greeting © Imago (Montage)

At STOKED in Berlin, Papaplatte presented the “Rapgames” show. Here he met the German rap stars Celo and Abdi – the result is ashamed of others.

Berlin – Kevin “Papaplatte” Teller is currently less common on Twitch. The streamer focuses more on its vlogs on YouTube and hardly brings any live content. From time to time you can still see him in the live stream. In Berlin he moderated “Rapgames” at STOKED and met the German rappers Celo and Abdi. Papaplatte calls the encounter “fucking cringe“.

Full name Kevin Teller
Known as papa plate
birthday January 24, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 1.6 million (as of November 2022)
Followers on YouTube 630,000 (as of November 2022)

Papaplatte meets Celo and Abdi in Berlin – “I’m a f*cking NPC”

What happened? Papaplatte was allowed to try his hand at being the moderator of the Twitch show “Rapgames” with his YouTube colleagues from STOKED. Teller himself is a connoisseur when it comes to rap music of all kinds, so it’s no wonder the streamer’s knees go weak when he encounters Celo and Abdi. Even before they arrive backstage, Papaplatte is as excited as a little kid at Christmas.

“Celo and Abdi will come through the door right back there and I’ll just get to know them. Boy I can’t believe it.”

The rap stars arrive: Barely arrived, Abdi stands at the buffet, while Celo is nowhere to be found. Papaplatte keeps stalking the hungry rapper, but doesn’t raise his hand to greet him. “I have to come back again‘ concludes Kevin Teller, pacing aimlessly backstage. Following the hilarious comments in his chat, Papaplatte also notes, “I’m a f*cking NPC”. Abdi has meanwhile gone to the toilet.

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Papaplatte: Greeting with Celo and Abdi goes wrong – “That was f * cking cringe”

Here’s how it went: After his chat made several solid suggestions for a greeting, papaplatte comes up with nothing better than “Hi what’s up?” out of here. Celo appears out of nowhere behind the streamer. Papaplatte would probably have trembled if he hadn’t been rigid with awe. “I’m hosting the show here‘ he appends, to which Celo only responds with ‘Great” reacted. We have included the clip from Papaplatte for you here.

You can almost feel the pressure easing as Celo leaves the frame. “Oh man that was f*cking cringe“, concludes Papaplatte. His friends present are having a great time with the rap fanboy and are laughing at a safe distance. Papaplatte sells vegan condoms – so the content creator will be familiar with sayings.

Papaplatte meets Celo and Abdi – greeting with rap stars has a happy ending

Papa plate meets Abdi: After his first defeat, Papaplatte gathers new courage and approaches Abdi – and doesn’t calcify it this time. The atmosphere is much more relaxed and the two joke about the vaporizer that Abdi carries with him. “Is that a CBD pen?“, asks the influencer, whereupon Abdi with a serious face “no‘ replies.

Even when Celo joins, the situation doesn’t get any more awkward. Although Papaplatte laughs loudly and finds only a few words, the mediocre greeting with Celo seems to have been forgotten again. If you want to watch the whole episode of Rapgames, you can click on the STOKED YouTube channel drop by. If you want more cringe, listen to how his girlfriend Lola cleared his ban on dancing.

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