Participants sink into the garbage – objects become secondary

Knossi holds Wilson at 7 vs. Wild

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

7 vs. Wild: Participants on the garbage island – objects become superfluous © YouTube/Fritz Meinecke (montage)

The island beaches of 7 vs. Wild are littered with rubbish. What is actually a sad sight seems to “please” the participants.

Panama – The contestants of 7 vs. Wild shouldn’t have put too much thought into choosing their items in the run-up to the show. Because it seems that everything a survival heart desires can also be found in the garbage. And the island of the participants has quite a bit of that to offer. What is actually a very sad sight is a blessing for Knossi and Co., because the Pacific has really washed a lot on the shore. reveals everything about the garbage items of the participants in 7 vs. Wild.

The original plan of 7 vs. Wild was to survive in remote locations for seven days with as few items as possible. In the second season, it looks different, albeit somewhat unintentionally. While some contestants started with just one item, they’ll find plenty of additional tools on the island.

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