PS5: Should I Play Games in Performance Mode or Resolution Mode?

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The PS5 offers various possibilities for games with the performance and resolution mode. But what do they actually do and which one should I use for gaming?

On the PS5 you can choose between a performance and a resolution mode or prioritize a mode.

MeinMMO explains what’s behind it and what advantages and disadvantages the modes offer you.

Performance Mode or Resolution Mode – What is it anyway?

What is performance mode? The PS5 performance mode prioritizes performance over graphical beauty. That means you can definitely hit 60 frames per second (FPS). Up to 120 FPS are even possible.

What is resolution mode? Resolution mode offers the highest possible resolution, such as a 4K resolution. However, the resolution mode limits the frame rate on the PS5 in order to better display high resolutions. The compromise is usually half the frame rate of performance mode. Instead of 120 FPS you only get 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, Sony has released a whole range of new features for the PS5. WQHD support is finally included:

Sony is finally bringing the feature to the PS5 today that I’ve been waiting for for 2 years

Performance Mode or Resolution Mode – Here’s how to enable it on PS5

Where can I find the setting on the PS5? You can find the two modes in the settings of your PS5:

  • Start your PlayStation 5
  • Open Settings from the PS5 main menu. Click on the tab: “Saved data and game/app settings”
  • Go to the menu and press “Game Preferences”
  • When selecting “Performance mode or Resolution mode”, select the appropriate mode.
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Before you activate any of the modes, you should keep in mind that if you want to use the performance mode, for example, you have to consider two things.

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Only if games support the modes will they be used

What do I have to consider? Anyone who chooses performance or quality mode on their PS5 must note that this is only the primary setting. This means that when the game starts, the PS5 checks whether the game even offers a performance or quality mode.

If the game offers the appropriate modes, then the PS5 depends on the settings you have made. If your game does not offer any of the modes mentioned, then none of them will be used.

If your game doesn’t support either mode, then the setting won’t do you much good either.

Do I need special hardware for performance mode? If you want to benefit from the high frame rate in performance mode, then you need a TV that offers an HDMI 2.1 connection. On the gaming monitor you need HDMI 2.0 if you want to use 120 Hz.

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