Raspberry Pi: Delivery bottlenecks could continue for another year

Raspberry Pi: Delivery bottlenecks could continue for another year

from Rhonda Bachman
A decade after its introduction, the Raspberry Pi single-board computer is as popular as ever. According to CEO Eben Upton, the current shortage of the small board could continue. However, he hopes that Raspberry Pi will have recovered from the effects of the corona pandemic in a year.

The Raspberry Pi is still immensely popular even after a decade. The single-board computer is not as powerful as the alternatives from other manufacturers. In return, however, the Pi benefits from its industry-leading GPIO standard, a vibrant ecosystem of first- and third-party accessories, and an active community that keeps coming up with new uses for the small PC. Demand is still high and the delivery problems could continue for another year, according to the CEO.

Raspberry Pi continues to suffer from the restrictions of the corona pandemic

In a recent interview, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton spoke about the popularity of the single-board computer. It is not so much the enthusiasts from the children’s target group who are queuing up for the Pi, but rather adults who already have experience with computers. According to Upton, these are often “professional development engineers” whose “hobby interest will transition to the industrial use of the Raspberry Pi.”

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The CEO went on to say that “probably 60 to 70 percent of the Raspberry Pi will be used in industry” rather than in the “consumer, enthusiast and educational” space. Only about 30 to 40 percent should reach the consumer market and interested parties have to access it quickly. This is unlikely to change in the near future either.

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“I think that hopefully a year from now the Raspberry Pi will have recovered from the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Upton predicted in the video. “Clearly we are going through a time where the supply chain disruption that began in late 2020, early 2021 has impacted our ability to ship Raspberry Pis.”

Source: Tom’s hardware