RTX 4070 Ti: Exact release dates have been set [Gerücht]

Breaking news: Nvidia is withdrawing the launch of the RTX 4080 12GB

from Thilo Bayer
The RTX 4070 Ti, which was discussed yesterday, is now one after the other. After the name, the supposedly concrete dates for presentation, tests and sales are now fixed.

The direct successor to the never released RTX 4080 12GB is becoming more and more concrete. Just yesterday, the rumor mill reported that Nvidia is relying on the RTX 4070 Ti for the new name. Now on with the information.

Staggered release of the 4070 Ti

A known leaker on Twitter put January 5th, 2023 as the release date in the room. An alleged pamphlet was published to back it up. However there is according to reports not just a date to remember. Nvidia should therefore again provide a staggered release, but not like last time. The performance should namely only on 3.1. go over the stage, the test should then follow a day later – presumably at 3 p.m.

On 5.1. would then be the actual sale. So there would only be two days between presentation and sale. That sounds strange, but the board partners have enough time to relabel the existing RTX 4080 12GB. As a reminder: The 4080 12GB was planned as a pure partner product, without a Founders Edition. It is very likely that nothing will change with an RTX 4070 Ti either.

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Technically, the RTX 4070 Ti will then have the full AD104 GPU with 7,680 shader units. The 12 GiB GDDR6X memory is connected via a 192-bit memory bus, the transfer rate reaches around 504 GB per second at 21 gigatransfers. The total graphics power should be around 285 W. It should undercut the original $899 by at least $100/euro. A price of 699 USD has already made the rounds. For orientation: Start cards with RTX 3080 10GB currently at 779 euroscards with RTX 3080 Ti lie at a good 1,049 euros.