Singles Day 2022: This deal event even makes Black Friday look old

singles day

On 11.11. the biggest supply rush in the world begins. Singles Day, which is extremely popular in the East, is still an insider tip for us – what can we expect tomorrow?

In Europe and the US everyone is talking about Black Friday – and almost actually misses it biggest deal event of the year, namely Singles Day. This was invented by Chinese students. The aim was to exchange gifts between singles. Hence the date, which consists of only ones. The trading site Alibaba is turning a small student campaign into a mass product and has thousands of brands on offer, and the trend is rising.

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Biggest sale of the year: Not Black Friday, but Singles Day!

If you compare the turnover of the two events, it becomes clear who has the edge. During Black Friday (incl. weekend and Cyber ​​Monday) 2019 approx $28.2 billion were recorded, the Singles Day comes to full in the same year 38 billion. A big difference! One of the reasons is the better discounts that the Far East shops offer.

But more and more shops are also taking part in this country, MediaMarkt and Saturn, for example, are already starting their offers at 8 p.m. today. In recent years there has often been 11% on large parts of the range. You even get 20% off participating products on eBay:

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Here you will find the best offers on Singles Day 2022:

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NBB Black Weeks: Gaming laptops, monitors, graphics cards and more on sale

These offers could be there on Singles Day

Please don’t get your hopes up: an RTX 4090 will most likely not be available

Since Singles Day is not a gaming event, there are discounts on pretty much everything. It doesn’t matter whether you want a vacuum cleaner, clothes or even a television, pretty much everything should be cheaper somewhere. However, you should not count on the RTX 40 cards, but the previous generation could be available cheaply. In addition, as always, you should compare prices so as not to fall for supposedly good offers.

In any case, keep an eye open, many western retailers are now also starting their campaigns for “Chinese Black Friday”, we have previously set up a small selection.

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