SWTOR Update 7.2 – Showdown on Ruhnuk – will be released in December 2022

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from Susan Brown
SWTOR Update 7.2 brings a phat load of new content for the heroes of a galaxy far, far away. Bioware’s MMORPG is then expanded to include a new planet called Ruhnuk. There are also revisions to the interface in terms of comfort and accessibility, adjustments to the PvP mode and an increase in the upper and lower limits for energy. Here is the information about it.

In the eleventh year of the Bioware MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, there’s another really nice content package with SWTOR Update 7.2 at the end of the year. Showdown on Ruhnuk is the name of the big patch to be released in December 2022, and it will bring the brand new planet Ruhnuk into play, among other things. In the center of an electric nebula, Shae Vizla has stumbled upon the hostile planet Ruhnuk, whose landscape is dominated by deserts, while searching for the base of operations of renegade Mandalorian Heta Kol.

On Ruhnuk, you will assist the troops of Mandalor to learn more about their alignment and lifestyle, while at the same time hunting down one of the people of Heta Kol who is conducting mysterious experiments. In addition to the new story adventures on Ruhnuk, you will of course also find a new daily area in the wasteland.