These LEGO sets will be discontinued in November 2022

LEGO Razor Crest Microfighter

The Danish block company LEGO announced on November 7th that production for around 100 of building sets set shortly becomes. Among the “Last Chance” articles you will find many great models from the Super Mario-Row that star Wars-Collection or for Harry Potter-Universe.

In this article, we present five highlights among the graduates. From the 4,000-piece major project to bargains, everything is included!

Get these LEGO sets before they’re gone forever!

As of today (November 10th, 2022) there are 104 products in the LEGO online shop with the label “Discontinuation soon”. A more casual formulation would be: What’s gone is gone.

The respective items are no longer reproduced and as soon as the remaining stocks are used up, the sets can only be purchased on the second-hand market, with prices increasing quickly depending on popularity shoot up can.

So if you still want to secure one or the other model directly from the LEGO Store, Get VIP points, is welcome to click through our recommendations. In line with our concept of PlayCentral The focus is on sets that make the hearts of film and gaming fans beat faster. Our top 5 are sorted by price and scope.

Razor Crest Microfighter (75321)

Should you guys the new Razor Crest model from the Ultimate Collector Series be too expensive, too big or too complex, they can – as long as stocks last – on one cute mini version of the starship.

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© LEGO/Disney

Of the Razor Crest Microfighter (75321) is with 98 individual parts as an introductory project for children from age 6 suitable. The compact size, the shooter mechanism and Mini Mando invite you to play. With unbeatable 9.99 euros it is one of the cheapest sets that we would like to introduce to you.

From a galaxy far, far away, the articles also say goodbye Trouble on Tatooine (75299) and the Imperial Shuttle (75302).

Hogwarts Moments: Defense Lessons (76397)

Also from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter some sets start their last journey. A particularly beautiful one Defense Classes (76397) from the Hogwarts moment serieswhich lets you, as Hermione and Neville, recreate Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons given by Professor Mad-Eye Moody.

LEGO Harry Potter Defense Class
© LEGO/Warner Bros.

The magical scenery 257 parts can be folded if necessary and is therefore perfectly transportable. The set costs affordable 29.99 euros – just as much as the one that is also being hired Now: Divination Class (76396).

Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set (71391)

Big and small Nintendo fansabove all owners of the Super Mario Starter Setsmight be particularly interested in this departure: das Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set (71391).

LEGO Bowser's airship
© LEGO/Nintendo

That hinged play and exhibition piece with integrated POW block enriches the colorful world of LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi interactive level and the three legendary opponents Kamek, Rocky Wrench and Goomba.

When set up, the airship measures 35 cm. It comes with one Age recommendation of 8+ and 1,152 individual parts. With 99.99 euros the price is in the middle.

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Also saying goodbye to three expansion sets from the Luigi’s Manson series. It refers to Laboratory and Schreckweg (71397), Entrance (71399) and Creepy Hide and Seek (7140).

1989 Batwing (76161)

The dark knight goes away. With the 1989 Batwing (76161) an extensive adult set is leaving the LEGO range.

The chic replica consists of 2,363 partsincluding one Opening cockpit, detailed interior, adjustable wings and the three minifigures Batman the Joker and Lawrence the Boombox Goon.

Of the 58cm long fliers makes both on the Stand with information sign as well as hanging on the wall a great figure! It costs 199.99 euros.

The Disney Castle (71040)

With the Disney Castle (71040) one of the most extensive and magnificent building sets leaves the catalogue. It includes 4,080 individual partsbelow five iconic mini figures from the Disney universe.

the detailed facade and the towers beautifully recreate Cinderella’s fairytale castle from Walt Disney World Resort. Extends across the back several floors the lovingly designed interiorwhich through and through Refer peppered with various Disney film classics.

Built up, the castle measures proud 74cm height. The price also falls proudly 349.99 euros out. Thanks to the many details, gimmicks and Easter eggs, Disney lovers should get their money’s worth.

the complete list of all LEGO disposals you find here. Will you still get one of the sets? Feel free to write us in the comments which last chance you take!

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