Ugreen Test: practical accessories for mobile phones, tablets and laptops

Ugreen Test: practical accessories for mobile phones, tablets and laptops

While some listen to nothing but well-known hi-fi brands when it comes to headphones, many simply want cheap headphones that deliver good sound. Those who tend to lose Bluetooth earphones in the hustle and bustle of everyday life also prefer to use cheaper products outdoors. But is it really good for listening to music? We say yes!

We had them Ugreen X6 HiTune are available, admittedly already a discontinued model. These true wireless headphones are great for people who no in the mood for apartment because Ugreen does not need such software. Wonderful in that you charge the headphones, connect them via Bluetooth and don’t have to fiddle with them any further.

the sound quality is good, the underlying EQ profile favors the depths and bass a bit, the sound is full and pleasant. The weakness of inexpensive headphones is often the sound quality at high volume, and the Ugree headphones are no different. If you want to turn it up to full blast, you have to expect a somewhat scratchy and washed-out sound.

The Ugreen X6 HiTune are operated via various touch commands, i.e. tapping the earphones. It can be louder, quieter, ANC on/off, fast forward and rewind, accept/reject calls or switch to gaming mode quickly. The touch system mostly worked correctly for us.

Ugreen headphones, including the newer HiTune T3 and HiTune, are available in a price range between just under 40 and 80 euros, are easy to use and deliver good sound – a nice one Price-performance ratio for anyone who just wants practical in-ear headphones.

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