WoW brings first new class in 6 years next week, already giving a preview

WoW brings first new class in 6 years next week, already giving a preview

On November 16th you can play the new class in World of Warcraft before the release of Dragonflight. The Dracthyr Callers are the first class firmly bound to a race. To set the mood, there is some information about the new class and the new people.

What class is that? Callers are chain mail ranged attackers that can heal and deal damage. Harnessing the power of the dragonflights, they are coupled to the Dracthyr race. That means: every dracthyr is a caller, every caller is a dracthyr.

Callers are one of the big features of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion and are the first class in 6 years. The demon hunters came into play with Legion in 2016.

Even before the release of Dragonflight, however, Dracthyr can be created and leveled up from November 16th so that you are ready for the launch. In a new blog post Blizzard gives an overview of the class again.

In our special you will find all the important information about the callers of the Dracthyr. Here we have some gameplay for you guys from the Dragonflight Alpha:

3 minutes of gameplay for Rufer, the new class in WoW Dragonflight

More adjustments “than grains of sand in the universe”

What makes Rufer so special? The great strength of the Rufer is its mobility, as the developers already explained to us in the interview. With different abilities you can fly around, collect allies or even cast magic while moving. However, you are limited to 30 meters.

Callers are the only classes to have the “empowered spells” mechanic. These change their effect or become stronger the longer you cast them. Dragonflight’s new talent system allows you to customize your spells and choose abilities from the various dragonflights:

  • Red: Damaging spells that mostly deal damage over time (“DoTs”) and area of ​​effect (“AoE”) damage
  • Blue: Damaging spells, which are usually strongest against 1-3 targets (“cleave”)
  • Bronze: Healing spells that are primarily intended to prevent damage
  • Green: Direct heals and heals over time (“HoTs”)
  • Black: Mixed or defensive abilities
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You can find a detailed guide to the Rufer in the new GameStar special for WoW: Dragonflight, in which MeinMMO is also involved. The guide was created in cooperation with us.

Like demon hunters, you can slow and even control your fall. In addition, Dracthyr can use their wings to fly properly, similar to Dragonflight’s dragon riding.

You’re also the only race you can customize the Dracthyr with dozens of options. This ranges from the color of the scales and the shape of the horns to ornaments and armor, since dracthyr don’t display equipment in their dragon form.

MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus liked the callers so much that he won’t play a melee fighter in Dragonflight for the first time in 12 years:

Played the new class of WoW Dragonflight for 7 hours – After 12 years, casters are fun again

When can I play Rufer? Once phase 2 of patch 10.0, the pre-patch to Dragonflight, is released, Dracthyr will be playable. That should happen on November 16th. The elemental invasions, the pre-event for the expansion, also go live there.

In order to create a Dracthyr, you must have pre-ordered and activated Dragonflight. Otherwise you will not have access to the new people and the new class.

Anyone who wants to draw a character after Dragonflight should do so right now. The bonuses are absurdly powerful at the moment:

WoW: Level 50 in just under 4 hours – the current XP bonuses are so blatant