WoW: Bugged hunters receive nerfs – hotfixes from 11/10/2022

WoW: Dragonflight: Divine Kiss of Ohn'ahra - become the mount of the wind

from Matthias Brueckle
The new hotfixes for WoW from November 10, 2022 mainly fix problems with hunters, which were definitely not a problem for many hunter players: because they are bugged skill interactions that caused more damage than expected.

After the extensive hotfixes of November 9, 2022, only a smaller update follows one day later. This is dedicated in particular to the hunters. Because they hit the mark a little too much with their arrows, thanks to incorrectly functioning skills. The developers have therefore published corresponding nerfs in the latest hotfixes.

Namely, Wailing Arrow could cause Wild Spirits to deal damage for each enemy hit, rather than just once per application of Wailing Arrow. Wind Arrows had also unplanned for Marksmanship Hunters causing Wild Spirits to cause damage. You can find the full patch notes in German below! (via blizzard)