WoW: Dragonflight: A final playtest for crafting orders before the release

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from Sarah Petzold
A few weeks before the release of WoW: Dragonflight, the developers in the beta want to check the changes to the craft again. That’s why there will soon be another one-hour playtest, during which you can put the crafting orders through their paces.

While the pre-patch for WoW: Dragonflight has long since arrived on the live servers and the pre-event is not long in coming, the developers are still holding some final play tests as part of the beta. One of them concerns the changes to the crafting system, specifically the new crafting orders.

According to their own statements, the developers want to collect feedback on the new feature with this final test run, but also eliminate any bugs that may still exist. The playtest will take place on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. German time on the Valdrakken beta server and will last for one hour.

Orgrimmar and Stormwind crafting job playtest active

To take part in the test, all you have to do is create a character on the Valdrakken server, which will then automatically start at level 70 in Ogrimmar or Stormwind. You can then both issue crafting orders and accept or fulfill them. If you want to order a production, proceed as follows:

  • Speak to the NPC Galesong in the Stormwind Trade District or Orgrimmar’s Valley of Strength to open the associated user interface.
  • Decide on an item that you want to have manufactured and adjust it according to your wishes.
  • Submit the order.
  • You can create public as well as personal or guild quests.
  • Reagents that you need to provide for public contracts can be obtained from the crafting vendors next to Galesong.

WoW Dragonflight: Legacies – Chapter 3 (Video)

If you want to carry out an order yourself instead, you must first learn the corresponding profession including the appropriate recipes. You can do this in the Stormwind Trade District or in the Valley of Strength with Associate Professor Instructaur. Then follow these steps to accept and complete a crafting job:

  • Purchase the item “Professor Instructaur’s Brain” to immediately increase your profession skill to 100 and then learn the relevant recipes for your profession.
  • Open the Professions UI and go to the Crafting Orders tab when you are near the Crafting Vendors in the Valley of Strength or the Trade District. There you can then accept crafting orders.
  • Provide the missing reagents and craft the desired item.
  • Complete the order and collect your commission.

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