WoW: Dragonflight: Big dungeon balancing – including nerfs and buffs

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from Philip Sattler
In the past few days, the developers have focused heavily on the balancing of the new dungeons in WoW: Dragonflight. Countless changes provide various nerfs and buffs in the dungeons of the Dragon Isles – from the Academy of Algeth’ar to the Ruby Lifepool.

The pre-patch for WoW: Dragonflight is running and will soon enter the second phase, in which the new Caller class will also be playable. The release of the new expansion on November 29, 2022 is also not that long away. Meanwhile, the beta servers continue to work on perfect balancing. Although it is clear to everyone that there will be no such thing, the developers invest a lot of time these days to balance the new Dragonflight dungeons as well as possible.

The same goes of course for the four ancient dungeons featured in the first season of WoW (buy now ): Dragonflight to be included in the Mythic Plus rotation. Since these were designed for characters with completely different player power, there is a lot to screw with them – and to nerf.