WoW: Dragonflight: Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra – become the mount of the wind

WoW: Why a raid when you can kill all the final bosses in threes?  (1)

A new expansion not only brings new areas, raids, dungeons and achievements into play, but also a whole range of content that makes the hearts of collectors beat faster. This certainly includes the diverse mounts that find their way into the game with every expansion.

Of course, WoW also brings (buy now ): Dragonflight a whole bunch of new mounts in game. Above all, the four dragons for dragon riding, which can be equipped with different optics and skins. But there are also “normal” mounts to capture. One of them has been haunting the game data since the first days of the alpha without being able to be assigned directly anywhere: the mount Divine Kiss from Ohn’ahra. But now have resourceful players found out how to get to the mount and why we are still not allowed to ride it.