A champion in LoL is so perfect that it has never been changed – and probably never will be

A champion in LoL is so perfect that it has never been changed - and probably never will be

League of Legends was released on October 27, 2009 and anyone interested could download the game. There are champions that have existed since the beginning and were originally planned for adjustments, but Riot Games couldn’t find any better alternatives and the champions remain unchanged in LoL. So the planned revision of Morgana was rejected again.

What is the revision about? League of Legends champions are regularly revised. The last revision hit Udyr.

For the Fallen – Morgana, there should be a rework in 2015. The champion has a unique set of abilities that didn’t exist at the time.

Morgana’s signature ability is arguably her Black Shield, her E ability. This allows her to place a shield on teammates that absorbs magic damage and protects against crowd control effects.

Her other abilities are also uniquely designed. she can

  • hold opponents
  • deal area damage
  • tag opponents
  • stun those who remain in range

Riot Games’ lead designer, Riot August, tried to rework Morgana in 2015 and decided it didn’t make sense and gave it a try.

Here’s a look at the scale of champion reworks:

League of Legends shows the new Udyr in the trailer

That is why the perfect champion should continue to exist

The lead designer is convinced of Morgana: Riot August talked about the rework in an interview with our colleagues from MGG Spain.

“I reworked Morgana and found that she was perfect and nothing needed to be changed. […] Nothing was as good as what she already had. In the end she is perfect. That is why so many people worship them. It just wasn’t worth changing anything,” he said in an interview.

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It’s about the fact that players who play Morgana need their playstyle to do the same. Each ability of her represents a different aspect of the game.

  • With the Q ability, she immobilizes enemies
  • The W ability causes area damage and lane pressure
  • The E ability assists teammates or yourself from crowd control of enemies
  • Her ultimate ability is very interesting to play despite the complexity

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The developers at Riot Games have adapted the look over the years. Riot August speaks of the “aesthetics helping, but the kit has to be good for a character to be popular.”

Morgana is one of the few cases that has such good kit that all she needs is adjustments to her ability scaling. But the weekly patches are completely sufficient for this. The last patch ushered in preseason 13.

Here’s how players see it: Even the players themselves only provide feedback that Morgana is a champion, where no adjustments need to be made to gameplay and skills. So “fruushy” replies on Twitter that she’s only missing legs.

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Community feedback on what should be adjusted to Morgana in 2019.

Also, 7 years after the planned but scrapped rework, the Champion is still a champion playing high. It was also played in this year’s Worlds. However, she had to cede most of her games to other champions.

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She has a pick rate of 15.35% in League of Legends and gets banned in about 23% of all games (via op.gg). This shows the relevance of Morgana across all League of Legends divisions. The champion was played back then and is still a character that players strive for.

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