AEW Fight Forever: Is CM Punk Kicked Out Of The Wrestling Game Now?

AEW Fight Forever: THQ back in wrestling games genre (1)

The return of CM Punk into the world of professional wrestling has been one of the biggest stories in the medium in the last 10 years. After all, punk had the seven years earlier WWE left frustrated and disillusioned and had not been active as a wrestler since. For All elite wrestling, the wrestling league founded by Tony Khan in 2019, was able to secure an absolute top star with Punk. But currently it seems as if we will no longer see punk in a wrestling ring, at least in the medium term. After Punk at a press conference for the big event AEW All Out 2022 numerous people, including EVPs of the company, it was evident that real physical fisticuffs broke out between Punk and the EVPs backstage. Specifically, these are Kenny Omega such as Matt and Nick Jackson.

After all three and numerous other people were suspended as a result of this incident, the three EVPs at the big event AEW Full Gear 2022 recently celebrated her return to the TV program. Punk, on the other hand, does not seem to return to the AEW cosmos after this incident, according to numerous reports.

AEW: Fight Forever without CM Punk?

This probably also includes the virtual stage at All Elite Wrestling. Finally, the league has a new one trailers for her upcoming video game debut AEW: Fight Forever released, in which a certain CM Punk is completely missing. Punk is no longer to be seen in the implied cover either. Originally, the Chicago native catcher had been the central character on the cover of the game.

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